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Matter of Gradation

Felt, diverse textiles, drawing paper, calligraphy silk, video projection, wood. 2015

The installation Matter of Gradation is based on the research that was made in China during an Artist in residence that was generously provided and supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

Image 1-2: 'Matter of Gradation' at Intelligentsia Gallery

Image 3-4: 'Matter of Gradation II: Notes & Standstills' at Black Sesame Space at IFP

"A matter of gradation is a complex work without making anything complicated. The work is a transformation of Markus' experiences and observations during her time in China. It mixes and refers to various layers in the (Chinese) society with hints to old Chinese traditions just as well as it’s emphasizing the materials as important narrators. Nothing is random and the expensive traditional calligraphy silk is equally important as the grey felt: both pointing to traditions in both east and west. The loose hanging calligraphy silk sways in the draft while the felt catches the sound and makes the room quieter. Traditional, contemporary and personal symbolism that altogether makes a stage and with its play, the work subtly wants to trigger our skills of association and the very act of seeing."