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Chance made her a Swede, born in the deep south by the sea. Initially a University student of both psychology and theology that later merged into an art education. Today a visual artist based in Amsterdam with many oddball skills such as carpeting walls and sober dancing. Charlott’s practice focuses on the in-between and the emotionally concealed where hidden structures and practising actual seeing play a big part. With an Intersectional view of society she navigates between the poetic and the confrontational.

Next to being a visual artist Markus takes photographic assignments and occasionally organizes events and curates exhibitions with themes close to her own artist practice.

Grandpa Markus' remote

On a more serious note; Charlott Markus is a Swedish visual artist living and working in Amsterdam. After graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy her works has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world. Markus construct still lifes and arrangements that predominantly end up as spatial pieces (often site-specific) and as photographic series. Her work can be described as ‘extended still-lifes’; she explores the possibilities and limits of the still life and uses it to create new narratives and meanings. In a theater like fashion, Markus creates an alternate space with her work where the margins between photography, painting and sculpture becomes intertwined, always zooming in while examining the whole. The way Markus works is not only investigating space, color and form but a direct exploration into relations and hidden structures (often mixed with her own biography).

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