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Special Edition STB

Between October 30 2020 to January 6 2021, in the middle of the lockdown, the Small Museum presented a special edition of the work Some Things Bleak by Charlott Markus. This special edition is part of a series of exhibitions at the Small museum with the theme Beauty and Comfort, for which four artists answer the question: what makes life worth living?

This special edition features one image that is made into a broken randomly flickering light-box. The work is concealed and slightly hidden by the reflection of the city during the day but shining bright and intense after dark.

Some Things Bleak is a new series started in 2019. Because of cancellations and postponements this work got its world premiere first as a special edition in the Small museum, an exhibition space featured on the front of Paradiso in Amsterdam. "While being beautiful and pale it is nothing but an abstraction of a drowning blue love and the longing for connection. Both a consolation and an illusion to contemplate on".