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Solitaire (Project Probe)

Textile, wood, paint, Lee filters. 2017

Solitaire / Probe edition #39 is now online on

Installation for an exhibition space with very particular dimensions: seemingly black and white yet full of colors, a comment on the current state of things in our interconnected world.

Please read the Q&A here.

And see the indications (references) here.

To accompany the piece author Marian Donner wrote The dreamer and the dream and designer Carla Peer produced the visual essay.

"Probe is a virtual exhibition space by art-initiative Suze May Sho. Artists from different disciplines are invited to explore their own practice and challenged to rethink their working methods. Probe has walls no higher than 1,10m and a surface of 6,6m2. It’s a test lab, an artistic skinner box; Its small and practical dimensions enables artists to create works that are unthinkable in real life.

Even though it is a physical space, Probe is only accessible on the Internet. The registration of the exhibition is the exhibition."

Made possible by the kind support of the Mondriaan Fund