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9 Dec 2023
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Two years have passed and it’s time, once more, for the Salon Hang! This time, the space of Kunstverein is transformed into a sake bar, equipped with the perfect fully-functioning mise-en-scène for work to hang in and for you to hang out. Warmly welcome to the opening on December 9 between 3-5pm, serving: Shochu Highball and tea.

Shadow Sculpture (Markus&I), an older work of mine, will be on view. This work is a sort of image-collage sculpture that function as a rollable ‘leporello’ or ‘harmonica book’. The spiral form of the work points to the impossibility of ever getting the full narrative of a family history.

Salon Hang: Promises will be up between December 13, 2023 to February 2, 2024.

Opening hours, Wed to Fri 7-11pm, when the Sake bar will be open.

For more info go to Kunstverein HERE.

Pieter Baststraat 35H
1071 TV Amsterdam

(Photo above: © Kunstverein)