The Untitled. 2011
Photography, black carpet

Installation view from the exhibition ‘The spur of the moment’ at Nest in Den Haag (NL).

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The expo was on view between 6 march til 10 April 2011. The other participants in the show where:

Ghislain Amar
David Bade / Yair Callender / Vincent Both
Koen Delaere
Tobias Hoffknecht
Bas van den Hurk
David Ostrowski
Michail Pirgelis
Remco Torenbosch
Femke de Vries
Sjoerd Westbroek
Jan Van Woensel

'The Spur of the Moment' was a Nestarchyproject by Nest in collaboration with Koen Delaere.
Koen Delaere is part of What Space, an artists' initiative in Tilburg (NL) without a space or a program. What Space organizes ad hoc events and exhibitions that are often linked to the place where one of the members of What Space are at that moment. The projects are usually short term and from an impulse set.